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The American Clean Energy and Security Act

The American Clean Energy & Security Act of 2009, the ACES Act, which was passed in the house, is an energy policy bill that would expand the deployment of clean energy technologies, improve energy efficiency and energy security, encourage innovation and workforce development, and strengthen the monitoring functions over energy markets. We hope the Senate bill will closely mirror the House bill.

ACES includes two important provisions that will make the clean energy jobs created through this legislation accessible to ALL of America’s workers, particularly those who are struggling the most in these tough economic times. These provisions are the Green Construction Careers Demonstration Project and Funding for the Green Jobs Act.

• The Green Construction Careers Demonstration Project creates middle class careers in the green economy for low-income Americans. The demonstration project does three things:

• It builds a green career pipeline, which youth could enter.
• It creates targeted employment opportunities for disadvantaged local communities and workers.
• It enables uniform labor and workplace safety standards. The bill also provides funding for the Green Jobs Act.

The Green Jobs Act trains workers, particularly those from disadvantaged communities, for jobs in the clean energy economy. Youth are a target population. ACES allocated an estimated $860 million to the Green Jobs Act over two years.

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