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Our Youth Agenda

We, Generational Alliance, are a national alliance of young people who work on issues at the local level — because they directly affect our lives and our communities. If politicians want our votes, they need to get serious about the issues we face every day.

At the end of the day, what we want is simple — a fair chance to get an education, job and a place to live in a safe and sustainable world regardless of sex, race, class, identity or ability. We pay taxes, we vote and we want to live in a country that respects young people and invests in us to succeed. We're not asking for handouts. We're demanding fairness and smarter priorities.

Jay-Z already summarized our whole agenda in three little words: "Can I live?"

Can I see a doctor?

We believe high quality physical and mental health care, including full reproductive health services and prescription drugs, is a right and must be affordable and accessible to all.

Can I have a place to live?

We believe decent, safe, accessible and affordable housing is a right for all. The government should take on predatory lenders and developers, and provide emergency housing for people in crisis.

Can We survive?

Real talk: Its now or never. We should be a leader in building a clean energy future. This will create millions of new jobs, improve our health, and avoid future wars. We need to get serious switching from dirty coal and nuclear power to wind and solar energy.

Can I make a decent living?

We believe workers, the backbone of this country, have a right to paid sick days and a living family wage. Workers should have the right to organize without fear. This is how we revive the middle class and alleviate poverty.

Can I go to college without being in debt for the rest of my life?

We believe every young person in this country has the right to a high-quality, affordable education from pre-school through college.

Can I feel safe on my street?

We believe that all individuals have the right to live long and full lives, free of guns and free from violence based on their skin color, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, or gender identity. We can't wait for the next tragic youth's death! We have to act now to prevent the gun violence that's...

Can we have real peace and safety?

Real national security comes from being a respected and respectful member of the global community. This means ending torture and other human rights abuses. It also means ending the war in Iraq and offering strategic humanitarian relief.

Can I vote? Will my vote be counted? What's up with politicians trying to make it harder for us to vote? Why can't I register and vote on the same day, like my friends in Minnesota and Wisconsin? Can I be sure my vote is counted?

We believe voting is a right for all citizens, including students attending college out of state, felons, and...

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